Tough Time to be in the FBI

Some might say it is a tough time to be an FBI agent—fighting both the Russian government and United States executive branch. While I can neither confirm or deny this statement, I will stipulate on the record that Bull was an amazing cast and crew to work with. 

Up Next: Civilians Music/Story/TV Project

I don't even know what this project is. No one really knows yet. 

It involves music, stories, and television—and the music side (the only part that has been completed) is gonna be pretty special. 

Studio shots from the session with Steve Cosson, Michael Freidman, and some crazy-talented musicians.

Song in Progress

Maybe it's not even right to call it a song yet, at best it's a song in progress. Dummy Lyrics. No real chorus or bridge. Mainly just riffs.

But why not document it in a crappy sideways video and put it here. 

The Civilians Spring Benefit

A few images from The Civilians spring benefit at City Winery—a highlight of which was getting to collaborate as music director with composer Michael Friedman. He's been described as a mad genius, and I have to agree whole heartedly with both descriptors. His music is deceptively simple on the page, but his off-handed comments in rehearsal about expressing meaning through rhythmic nuance were a master class. Genius levels of mad genius.

The other highlight was Oskar Eustis' award acceptance speech. He's known for his extemporaneous eloquence and that night, he was in rare form. I can't remember his exact words, but I'll never forget how he made me feel the weight and dignity of working in the American Theatre—nothing short of a divine calling to see each other and be together in a real space.

The whole thing was breath taking. And also there was steak. 



Pig Iron at the Orchard Project

For an upcoming production of Pig Iron Theatre Company's GENTLEMEN VOLUNTEERS. The show, in a residency at the Orchard Project, features actor-controlled lighting and sound design (effects table below) and is a BEAST to pull off every night. 

The production commemorates the 100th anniversary of the First World War. This sweeping drama of American idealism and unlikely love affairs is set against the chaos of World War I. GENTLEMEN VOLUNTEERS follows two American ambulance drivers from the idyllic campus of Yale University to the battlefields of France. 

Sound effects table

Sound effects table

Loveless, TX

Stills from a recent reading of Loveless, TX—an adaptation of Love's Labour's Lost

FEATURING: Katie Rose Clarke, Ryan Andes, Rob Evans, Jake Odmark, Kimberly JaJuan, & Christine Jones (PHOTOS: Isaiah Tanenbaum)

Calm Down it's Friday

The world is full of so much nonsense, it's easy to believe it all sometimes. 


It's really all going to be okay—as evidenced by this guy who crab walked in front of me on the F Train.