The Civilians Spring Benefit

A few images from The Civilians spring benefit at City Winery—a highlight of which was getting to collaborate as music director with composer Michael Friedman. He's been described as a mad genius, and I have to agree whole heartedly with both descriptors. His music is deceptively simple on the page, but his off-handed comments in rehearsal about expressing meaning through rhythmic nuance were a master class. Genius levels of mad genius.

The other highlight was Oskar Eustis' award acceptance speech. He's known for his extemporaneous eloquence and that night, he was in rare form. I can't remember his exact words, but I'll never forget how he made me feel the weight and dignity of working in the American Theatre—nothing short of a divine calling to see each other and be together in a real space.

The whole thing was breath taking. And also there was steak.