4th of July

For the second year in a row, the clouds of New York City celebrated the birth of our fine nation with darkened skies and persistent rain. Not that I am complaining or anything, it was actually a fun time.

We commemorated our collective Independence atop a nondescript residential building in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I should be specific and note that only half the day was spent thereupon. Beside a brief stroll through the inner wooded regions of Prospect Park, a good portion of the day was passed on the unfinished 5th floor of The Argyle. Representing all that is unseemly in Brooklyn’s gentrification, the Argyle is a new, disproportionate development in Park Slope which neighbors love to hate. The eventual 14 stories will not only dwarf the brick walk-ups near it, but they will also obliterate the Manhattan skyline view from many a window.

So in equal parts celebration and protest, we watched the three competing fireworks displays amidst rebar, cement bags, and large piles of wood plank. Thanks Argyle. Thanks America.