A Foul Cloud Hangs

In New York City, the proverbial “something in the air” is never very figurative. Today is no different. We awoke to find out that a cloud of asbestos hung ominously over midtown Manhattan. New Yorkers, gritty as we are, proceed with business as usual.

The underground blast that created the carcinogenic dispersion is being blamed on Con-Ed, the much maligned power company. Unlike other states, New York has yet to deregulate electricity; which means people trash them like a Bugs Bunny piñata (you know, the kind in the corner of the Mexican food store with the disproportionate body & nearly inedible candy). Imagine how much you hate your power company, especially in the summer, and then imagine if there was no alternative. People hate Con-Ed (who wouldn’t with a name like CON-ed).

To make matters worse, we have blackouts every couple of months, due in large part to Con-Ed negligence. Apparently, many authorities are questioning whether Con-Ed has planned sufficiently for growing energy demands. But what really serves as the last groin kick is the rate hike Con-Ed now proposes. Can you conceive of the poetry- charging more for quite a bit less…oh…and a toxic plume of smoke coming out of a gaping hole in the street?

What more can I say, it seems like our pets’ heads keep falling off (5pts for this most common of references).