A Year Older a Year Wiser

Thanks to all of you who called, email, texted, and Facebooked with birthday wishes. I really am thankful for the love. I really, really wanted to write something meaningful and deep and long about life and growing up, but to be honest, I am in my Grad School class right now contemplating jumping out the window.


Its been a long day and I think time has begun to move backwards. Despite my greatest efforts, I can hear none of my professor’s words. I will be lost next week. I will ask a stupid question that will make clear to everyone that I am not listening to the words floating in the air as I type these words. I have a growing sympathy for my own students.

I am really struggling with the mindlessness and bureaucracy that go along with this job. I am beginning to understand why the average teaching career is 3 years long. Its not the kids folks.

{And in the interest of keeping my job what previously appeared here has been redacted}

Anyway, here’s the news from La Manzana Grande, which is Spanish for The Manzana Grande.

1. Our buildings are blowing up

2. Our buildings are falling down

3. Our people are beating each other up for free stuff. (Thanks Trevor)