Christmas & New Year's

Ten pounds the heavier, I return to tell of the last 3 weeks. In reality there is no way I could mention in any great detail the foregoing events, so I will just list them- in my best attempt at chronological order- as I remember them. Let me know if anything is unclear.

1. Go to NYC ballet’s nutcracker
2. Go to A Prairie Home Companion’s live taping

1. Stranded at O’Hare airport for a long, boring evening
2. Eat at McDonald’s because nothing else is open
3. Swear I will never again eat at McDonald’s

1. Arrive at 4:30am
1.5 Sleep very little
2. See family & friends
2.5 Meet new nephew Andrew Sergio
3. Gain 10 pounds
4. Wife in car-wreck (she is OK)
5. Get 2 Rubik’s cubes
6. Celebrate sister’s birthday (21!!)
7. Meet sister’s boyfriend (good kid)
8. Leave exhausted

1. Arrive Tuesday afternoon
2. Start school Wednesday morning.

I apologize for having so blandly retold the story of the past few weeks. We really enjoyed our holiday and GREATLY appreciate the hospitality of both families and our friends. We miss you all more than we were able to express in such rushed times.