Cowboys vs. Giants

The experience was complete. Not only did the Dallas Cowboys thoroughly dismantle the New York Giant’s offense and defense, but the overall package could not have been more perfect.

As a kid I watched many games taking place in Giants stadium on T.V., my all-time favorite being Emmit Smith’s heroic 172-yard performance with a separated shoulder. The announcers always spoke of the “special” atmosphere the environs created, and for the most part reality lived up to my expectations.

The day began at the Port Authority Bus Terminal on 42nd street in Manhattan, where we boarded a shuttle bus bound for the Meadowlands. Not ten seconds into the bus ride some Giant fan started the “HERE WE GO GIANTS” cheer. I, alone, responded with “HERE WE GO COWBOYS!” My traveling companions, my wife included, began to look around listlessly as if they did not know me. It was at this point that I received the first of the many death threats I would receive that day.

Twenty minutes, and several New Jersey refineries later, we arrived at Giants Stadium where fans were tail-gaiting in Olympic proportions. Walking into the stadium, I began to hear the chant du jour, which was really just some Freudian substitution for pent up frustrations with one Eli Manning, “ROMO’S a HOMO.” I must say, though, that I was quite surprised by how many Romo jerseys there were walking into the stadium.

From there on it was everything I could ever hope a Giants-Cowboys game to be:

1. Hebrew National Hot dog- $4

2. Fan towel to spin over my head every Cowboy first down- free with entry

3. Literal death threats for spinning said towel over my head- free with entry

4. Seeing several fans arrested for rowdy behavior- cost of bail/court fees… I guess

5. Seeing fans throw food at the people being arrested for rowdy behavior- cost of food…I guess

6. Seeing arrested fans return the favor with an extended middle finger- free with entry

7. Experiencing Giants Stadium as it should be- (Thanks MasterCard) Priceless

As a post-script I can’t recall ever hearing so much foul language in a public setting in a long time. Also it was really cold…at least for me. I loved watching fan after fan eating ice cream during the game.

Anyway here’s what it looked like. I’ll try and put some more up later today: