Full Disclosure

Some of you know, others do not, that I am a man of the markets. Behind the scruff-faced, punk-haired, pre-soviet communist exterior is a secret desire to acquire wealth via the well coiffed, blue coat-wearing gentlemen who work just down the street. In much the same way that others collect baseball cards or rare stamps, I collect little (we’re talking in the millionths) pieces of companies that will hopefully increase in value over time.

In other words, the last few weeks have been disconcerting regarding the relative value of our stock holdings. I would give you the numbers, but trust me, you don’t want the numbers.

Anyway, in the spirit of full disclosure, I thought I might give you a peek inside the collection. Those of you who follow this sort of thing are welcome to offer feedback (like: What were you thinking when you bought NGA !?!?!) or suggestions.

Those of you who could care less, thanks for reading this far. Those of you who find this sort of thing interesting, but wouldn’t know where to begin, I offer you this: www.fool.com (A Handy resource). Oh, and for those of you keeping score, I’ve tried several online brokerages and I’ve been most satisfied with www.sogotrade.com.

If you have other resources do post.

1. Southern Copper PCU - Peruvian copper company

2. Actuate Corporation ACTU- American business software firm

3. Genco Shipping GNK- American shipping (mainly bulk goods to China)

4. China Mobile CHL- Chinese cell phone compnay

5. StatoilHydro STO- Norwegian Oil (Greenest oil company in the world)

6. Net 1 UEPS UEPS- South African hybrid bank

7. Tele Norte TNE- Brazilian Internet Company

8. North American Galvanizing NGA- American Manufacturing