My Brilliant Idea

My wife and I are both performers by trade and study. She dances, I make music. I have this idea that we abscond from the grind of every day life and become cruise ship performers.

What could be more perfect than life on the open seas, the briny ocean air, and an 8 ft x 8 ft stateroom to call home. I have a reoccurring daydream wherein we, costumed in bright sequined bodysuits, entertain modest crowds of senior citizens who, being stupefied from the spectacle, graciously shower us with cash tips and real estate.

I should say that my opinions toward cruises are largely shaped by the one which occupied the large part of our honeymoon. On said cruise we met with the staff performers, dressed exactly as described above, and the present idea was born.

My wife, for some reason, is not on-board (pun intended) with the plan as of yet. Those of you with coercive power in her life, please speak to her about this. Its a good plan. I promise.

My muse: