My Christmas List

I left you all with one task. Just leave me a comment and thereby assure me of your love. Alas, this proved to much for… all of you. This fact notwithstanding, I will publicly post my Christmas List, though I know it rests upon Father Christmas alone to procure me its contents.

By the way Santa, I’m not a materialistic pig. I just got carried away making the list.

In no particular order:

1. A wooden chess set
2. More scarves (home made if possible, St. Nick)
3. Gloves
4. Ear Muffs
5. A video ipod holder (one that I can run with)
7. Work Clothes (pants, shirts, coats, suits)
8. A New Phone
9. Books, any good books
10. A Tony Romo/Marion Barber Jersey
11. Cologne
12. Snow boots
13. Anything you think I could ever want
14. Maple Syrup ( i got some last year and it was great)
15. Another Rubik’s Cube (one is seriously not enough)
16. Nintendo Wii
17. A soccer ball
18. A super sonic foot massager (if an elf happens to work at Brookstone)
19. A paint set

…last and least

20. A Red Rider B.B. gun (I will not shoot my eye out)

- hey aim for the stars & you might hit the moon… or something like that