Rubik's Cube's First Photo Shoot

As we slowly unpack the many boxes that inhabit our apartment, I find little treasures that remind me of our life in Dallas. Of these, my Rubik’s cube has afforded me considerable nostalgia, as I remember the many hours we spent together, cube and I.

Since I have the next three weeks off with little else to do, I decided to give the cube a little tour. He asked that I take a few pictures, and next thing I know, I have the following photo shoot. I can only imagine this will be the first of many, in that I can never tell the silly thing no. I kind of have this paternal attachment, seeing as how I’m pretty fond of the little guy:

1. A pensive shot overlooking the courtyard

2 . Cube explores the oven

3. Cube gets lost in utensils

4. Cube cools off in fridge

5. Cube meets self in mirror…Cube tries to eat itself like beta fish.

7. Cube plays in courtyard grass