Top Ten Questions I Get Professionally

Where are you from? Originally from Texas, but now I live in Brooklyn. Spiritually I'm from Latin America.

Your website mentions you are a musician, what instruments do you play? Music is a serious art form. I am never playing, only being with an instrument and becoming one with its essence. Doctors and Lawyers practice their craft, musicians are somehow deemed to be playing. I reject that imperialistically manufactured duality.

Do you prefer Theatrical or On-Camera performance? Really neither is preferable. They are each their own kind of abusive lover, or different brand of cheap tequila, if you prefer. Subway-puppetry still holds my heart. 

How do you feel about doing comedy? Being funny is something that makes me very nervous. I try to avoid it if at all possible. In my home country the funny people were all rounded up and exiled for their gifts. I guess I didn't make the cut. I'm still working through that psychic wound. 

Do you like actors? No. The ones here are marginally more palatable than those who haunt the west coast (As in, "No I would not like your headshot with my latte, thanks"). You might say actors are a necessary evil; how could they sell all the stuff without them? Really, you could say capitalism sort of depends on actors, you know, at some basic level. Its profound really.

Do you have a dream song or role? I would kill to play Jafar in the stage version of Return of Jafar.

What books or movies do you find inspirational? Anything by Nancy Grace. Her work continues to find echoes in my artistic preparation. For actors there is no better case-study than Nancy in terms of sticking with an action or intention against all reason and better judgement .

What is your greatest strength? Programming universal remotes is really my go to for that one. 

What is your greatest weakness? I am a hoarder. There it is. I said it—on the internet no less. My design "style" is really whatever looks good under a stack of books, covered in a layer of fine dust. I'm not quite in the moldy-book category, but I'm close. And I don't have cats, so that helps. 

Are these questions and your subsequent answers meant to be taken seriously? Absolutely. Not. Thanks for asking.


Taken from my cargo collective FAQ page