Robert Frost

Before Rob Frost was "Robert Frost, Great American Poet"

I take comfort in the fact that Robert Frost was not always the great poet we've come to revere for taking the less-traveled road and telling the tale ages hence.

Here is young Rob sounding very much the child in an 1886 letter to a girlfriend:


"There are not many girls I like but when I like them I fall dead in love with them and there are not many I like just because I can have some fun with them like I can lisa but I like you because I cant help myself and when I get mad at you I feel mad at myself to.            From your loveing Rob"


All punctuation or the lack thereof comes straight from Mr. Frost, as do the misspellings. If nothing else, you've got to love how his massive run-on of a love note could pretty much be written by any 13 year old on Facebook.