The Secret World of Infomercials

Hidden in a plain brown warehouse on Route 46 in Fairfield, New Jersey is a magic factory whose sole creations are the infomercials you were undoubtedly tempted by in a weaker moment. If you own a Jack LaLane Juicer, Chef Tony Chef’s Knife, Power Cooker, or were quick to the phone when watching those ads featuring, among others, Hulk Hogan, Montel Williams, and Tiki Barber, then you were seduced by the artful creation of one and the same company: Tri Star Media. Their in-house production company churns out the varied infomercials in prodigious quantities, often shooting several simultaneously.

They’re good at what they do. Usually.

Today, they made the grave tactical error of hiring me to pitch the new Panther Elliptical Machine. For legal reasons I can’t say much other than to advise you to keep your eyes open on Saturday mornings when you might otherwise change the channel. I can promise great entertainment.

Also, don’t believe most of what you hear on TV.