Why I love it here:

It seems that there should be some anti-trust legislation brought against the City of New York for its plethora of good coffee shops. I am sure cities like Omaha, Nebraska could benefit from just one of the many superb caffeine establishments here found. In a city famous for monopoly busting (think Sherman/ Taft/ Tammany hall), we have the bean juiceries (spell check didn’t like that one) of every variety and persuasion. Right now I am in some sort of Mediterranean dive. I cannot even describe how cool it is.

1. Splendidly Equitable sweetener choices (which can be rare in NYC)

2. And very Cool decor. I don’t think you can see it here but there is a killer patio. Part of the coolness is the AMAZING un-Texas like summer breeze. WOW!

3. Huge Windows: I walked in through the window after taking this picture.

4. Marvelous Presentation. Don’t you just want to drink that espresso in one drink. I should say I haven’t paid yet, so this presentation could cost me dearly. If you are not my wife, don’t tell my wife! Coffee can cost its weight in gold bouillon here.

Sorry East Texas, get your own coffee shops!!!