Zach and Screech Recommend That You Read This

Not long ago we saw A Chorus Line on Broadway. As is the custom here, the show brought in an otherwise famous person for a nominal role to help sell extra tickets. Shameless.

Needless to say, I was non-plussed to find out that our very own A.C. Slater, née Mario Lopez, would be joining the cast. I of course did not know any of this until I was greeted at the theatre by a most ostentatious marquee proclaiming Mr. Lopez’s presence in the show. It wasn’t until reading his bio in the Playbill that I remembered Lopez’s stint on the show “Dancing With The Stars,” and the puzzle pieces flew together. Illumination: Out of work actor who can dance needs work meets struggling dance show needing lead.

And speaking of dancing, Mario wasn’t that bad really. Maybe he wasn’t as sharp as the regulars, but he certainly held his own. I momentarily impressed.

That is, until he spoke. It was like Saturday morning in the early nineties all over again.

At one point he came and sat in the audience and delivered lines nearly ten feet from where I was sitting. It was then that I realized A.C. Slater hadn’t done his homework. Cleverly hidden by his seat was a small blue lamp with which Mario read, YES READ, his lines.

At this point I must digress and say that you don’t pay Broadway prices to be read to. I could rent the movie, or better buy the script and read it myself. I was momentarily disappointed.

That is until, we, along with nearly the rest of the audience, waited outside the stage door for the
star to appear. My favorite part of the whole evening was listening to two overweight and jaded New Yorkers jeer the crowd for waiting.

"Where’s Screech?" the larger of the two kept yelling. It was really quite entertaining. For my part, I climbed the nearest lamp post, paparazzi style, and waited for a good picture. My lookout was actually right next to Mario’s waiting SUV, which allowed me to swing down just in time to startle him, and then make him laugh.

I didn’t really know what to say, so I extended
my hand and said the first thing that came to mind: “You’re a good kid Mario, a good Kid!”

"Thanks man," said the laughing Lopez.

I suppose I am just glad he was good natured about the whole thing. Go Bayside!

BTW. The show was amazing. Probably one of the best I’ve seen while here.