On the Social Ramifications of the Mustache

When did the words mustache and child-molester become wed in synonymy? Why the looks of disgust aimed at the mane just under my nose.

While I am of the opinion that the 80s did more harm than good, perhaps upper lip decoration was too quickly discarded after a decade of ill-conceived hair fads (see: side pony tails, crimped hair). History tells us that mustachioed men are often corrupt, dictatorial, and altogether untrustworthy, if not despotic breeding grounds for epic global genocide.

But since when did anyone learn anything from history.

In no particular order:

Adolph Hitler, dictator Germany/Europe

Josef Stalin, dictator/ Russia

Saddam Hussein, Dictator/ Iraq 

Agusto Pinochet, Dictator/ Chile

Jozef Pilsudski, Dictator/ Poland

Francisco Franco, Dictator/ Spain

Michael Castillejos, Dictator in Training, acting Vice-Regent of Demagoguery