Rockefeller Center

Fridays are very nice for me right now. I get off of work at 1:00pm and have the afternoon to play in the city. Last week, I found coupons for free coffee at the cafe my bank, ING Direct, owns (I must say that as a bank I have been quite satisfied, but the cafe took me to a new level of satisfaction). It is the only bank I know that also has a fully functional coffee house. Anyway, while there, I found out that if you wear orange (company colors) on Friday you get ANY drink on the menu free. Needless to say, my University of Texas Soccer shirt (thanks serge!) made its Manhattan debut.

I say all of this to say that we found ourselves quite near Rockefeller Center, which is known as home for the GE building, NBC studios, & this famous statue (whose name is unknown to me). Enjoy a virtual sight seeing tour. People pay money for such as this: