Restatement RE: La Guardia

Dear La Guardia Airport,

I hearby submit the sincere expression of my regret for having subtly mocked your 12:00am curfew (see previous blog posts). The logic behind your decision to suspend early morning flights is both wise and appreciated. It is duly noted that I have up until recently held the contrary view.

I enjoyed the occasion of my epiphany Saturday last, at approximately six in the morning. Bleary eyed from little sleep on a twin air mattress, I was dragged to consciousness by a steady stream of jet-airliner take-offs. Separated by only seconds, (literally) our morning was spent wondering how this injustice could be legal- we could see the landing gear on the plane, they were so close.

It was then that I realized the folly of my ways.

La Guardia, forgive me for doubting. Plane curfews are a good idea.