St. John's Developments

Though I suppose it did not make national news, the sniper scare at St. John’s University was a rather big story here in NYC. For those unaware, a masked Guyanese student allegedly came to campus with a 50 calibur sniper rifle. All buildings were locked down and methodically searched by SWAT teams for an alleged second gunman.

Students were made aware of the threat via a text messaging system put in place after the Virginia Tech massacre:

From Public Safety. Male was found on campus with rifle. Please stay in your buildings until further notice. He is in custody but please wait until the all clear.”

Oddly, I didn’t recieve the text message like everyone else. I didn’t know about it until my wife called me and asked if I knew what was going on. Funny how that goes in today’s world, huh? In any case, my class did not meet last night anyway so I suppose I was never in any danger.

As an aside, I found it interesting that the gunman chose a George W. Bush mask as his disguise. I’ve always been partial to the Nixon mask myself.