Thanks to those of you who commented on the Turf War story. I wanted to give an update on all situations there discussed. Concerning my brother’s comment vis a vis my weight gain, I am actually as fat as described and possibly even fatter. I gave the gym a pathetic effort the other day, but it was too crowded to get on any of the good machines. 10 push ups later I was home again.

Concerning the critters and Katie’s comment, I’ve issued a personal moratorium on rat sniping. I thought I should attempt avenues of diplomacy before again pursuing violence as a means for redressing wrongs. The bugs, however, continue to annoy ubiquitously. We’ve acheived a delicate détente of sorts; they stay out of our way during the day, and we stay out of theirs at night(Our Pax Romana is of course predicated on the premise that they stay out of our food, which up until now they have). It is really best this way.